Election Chart (2020-2022)

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District Directors


District Incumbent Candidates Elected
6 Margot Hennings Margot Hennings Margot Hennings
9 Jay Whipple Jeff Overby Jeff Overby

Russ Jones

Ned Irving
Bill Arlinghaus

Election required
11 A J Stephani A J Stephani A J Stephani
12 Dennis Carman Dennis Carman Dennis Carman
17 Bonnie Bagley John Grossman
Cindy Shoemaker
Ed Yosses
Election required
20 Merlin Vilhauer Merlin Vilhauer
Laurie Rowe
Election required
24 Al Levy David Moss
Adam Parrish
Election required

2019 – 1st and 2nd Alternate

District Capacity Incumbent Candidates Elected
1 1st Jean LaTraverse Jean LaTraverse Candidate Elected
2nd Kathie Macnab Kathie Macnab Candidate Elected
5 1st Jan Assini BJan Assini
Steven Grzegorzewski
Election required
2nd Marc Sylvester Dian Petro
Jim Overcasher
Election required
7 1st Barbara Heller Barbara Heller Candidate Elected
2nd Vacant Kevin Wilson Kevin Wilson
13 1st Thomas Dressing Thomas Dressing Candidate Elected
2nd Stan Subeck Stan Subeck Candidate Elected
15 1st Len Fettig Len Fettig Candidate Elected
2nd Linda Eakes Henry Robin Henry Robin
18 1st David Johnson David Johnson David Johnson
2nd Thomas Romine VACANT*
19 1st Tim White Tim White Tim White
2nd Tim Wilhelmi Ralph Wilhelmi
Jerry Thorpe
Election required
23 1st John Jones John Jones John Jones
2nd Robert Shore Robert Shore Robert Shore
25 1st Carole Weinstein Carole Weinstein Carole Weinstein
2nd Sabrina Miles Sabrina Miles Sabrina Miles

*Position will be declared vacant on January 1, 2020

2019 Board of Governors Representatives

District Incumbents Candidates Elected
2 Vacant Vacant VACANT*
3 Stasha Cohen
Betty Cox
Farley Mawyer
Farley Mawyer Farley Mawyer
4 Ray Raskin
Jay Apfelbaum
Allison Brandt
Jay Apfelbaum
Walter Mitchell
Ala Hamilton-Day
Dan Boye
Harold Jordan
Election required
8 Margaret Hansell
Neil Whittle
Elizabeth Zalar
Margaret Hansell Margaret Hansell
14 Lance Chamberlain
Michael Casel
Deana Liddy
Deana Liddy Deana Liddy
16 Michael Heymann
Betty Starzec
Robert Morris
Betty Starzec Betty Starzec
21 Marion Robertson
Gene Simpson
Richard Meffley
Joanne Wicker
Marion Robertson
Gene Simpson
Richard Meffley
Max Schireson
Election required
22 Linda Trent
Pat Larin
Brian Trent
Pat Larin
Linda Trent
Brian Trent
David Sizemore
Election required

* Position will be declared vacant on January 1, 2020