Merlin VilhauerEmail:

From: Beaverton OR

District 20: Oregon, part of Washington, part of Idaho, northern California and Hawaii

Board committees: Appeals and Charges, Strategic, Credentials (Chair), and Election Protest

Bridge experience

I have been playing tournament bridge for 40 years. My proudest achievement is winning Flight A Grand National Teams 2001 in Toronto.

Volunteer service

Unit Board, Area Representative on District; District Board, First Alternate and Second Alternate; District 20 Board, webmaster; District Director-elected 2010 and currently in the fourth year. WBF Executive Council-elected 2013 for a three-year term.


Bridge club director for past 15 years, tournament director.

Career/professional activities

Civil Engineering Association, Professional Engineering Association.


B.S. (Civil Engineering), M.S. (Civil/Environmental Engineering).

Hobbies and interests

Golf, poker, most sporting events, traveling, computer programming, spending time with family.


Four children (three boys, one girl), eight grandchildren (seven boys, one girl).