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Support for Units and Districts

Click on Units or Districts on the left to find resources for tournament management, election forms, officer handbooks, officer listings and unit and district web sites.

2013 Mini McKenney Medallions

It's time to order medallions for the 2013 Unit Mini McKenney Races. Click here to order.

The IN Program Rocks!

Are you offering your new players the best service possible?

In 1984 Edith McMullin, the creator of the Easybridge! Program, introduced her Intermediate-Newcomer Program (IN Program) at the Summer NABCs. It was an instant success with our newer players and has continued to play to large crowds three times a year at the NABCs ever since.

The IN Program is a ten-point program designed to welcome new players into the tournament environment and to make them comfortable and eager for more. There is an element of fun and family that helps to add to the excitement. Read more...

Youth Stipend Program for Units and Districts

The Foundation for the Preservation and Advancement of Bridge (FPAB), a non-profit organization established in part to inspire young bridge players and support their participation in bridge through scholarships and grants, has been asked to establish restricted funds for units and districts that are looking for a mechanism to raise charitable donations to support their youth efforts.

Read here about the steps necessary for a unit/district to request the FPAB create a restricted fund on their behalf to hold and disburse the funds they generate and how the fund must be administered by the unit/district to meet federal non-profit regulations. Also included in the document is a suggested method for raising such funds to support your youth efforts. Read More...

Help Your Unit Run Smoothly

Houston Unit 174 has generously agreed to share their Unit Procedures manual to assist others in their pursuit to get their units better organized. Read More...

Time to Nominate Your Youth and Junior Ambassadors

In an effort to make Youth Bridge and Junior Bridge as good as it can be, a program to reward outstanding youth members and outstanding junior members for their efforts on behalf of youth and junior bridge has been established. The Youth Ambassadors and the Junior Ambassadors are part of the newly created Youth Division and the updated Junior Division. Read More...

Fantastic Newcomer Promotional Program

At the 2008 Spring NABC in Detroit, the IN Committee created and implemented a program to recruit new duplicate players that was amazingly successful. Perhaps your unit or district would be interested in giving it a try. Read More...

Building Better Boards

Today’s world is one that requires adherence with laws pertaining to non-profit boards of directors. Are your board policies up to date? Take advantage of our Board of Directors Documents, including sample bylaws and minutes and the Board Meeting Rescue Kit. Thank you to the efforts Board of Governors Chair Linda Mamula and ACBL administrator Jim Miller in preparing these materials. Questions? Contact Jim Miller.

IRS Filing Requirements

Starting with the tax year 2007, all tax exempt organizations will have to report to the IRS. Please read the Pension Protection Act document to review how it applies to you.

Privacy Issues

Privacy issues are becoming an increasingly complex issue. One member recently asked us to use his member number as his name so his name would not appear on recap sheets! Federal law is clear that you may not publish private information about a person (name, phone, address, e-mail address) without that person’s permission. Unit 144 in Memphis, for example, provides members with an update form for the annual unit directory.

Wonder What You Should Be Doing?

If you are a new volunteer, the ACBL has a series of handbooks available for free download to help you perform the duties of your job. Click here and look at the right under Handbooks to see what's available. The Handbook for Unit Presidents offers mini-job descriptions for all of the "requested" unit positions. Handbooks can be used as a guide for district positions as well.

Tournament Publicity

All Colors, One Price!
An ad in the Bridge Bulletin magazine remains your best way to advertise tournament information to all members. The ads then are posted automatically to your tournament listing on the ACBL web site. All tournament advertising is the same rate regardless of how many colors you use. For example, a half-page ad is only $910 whether it is one, two or four colors. Click here for all publicity guidelines.