In this area of the website you will find conditions of contest for ACBL events. There is one page of general conditions which apply to all ACBL events and separate general conditions applicable to Pair, Swiss, B-A-M and KO events. Additionally, specific events have other conditions of contest which apply only to them. At the bottom of the page are the appendices which are referred to in some of the conditions of contest.

Please check to be sure you have read ALL applicable conditions for any event you are going to enter. If you have additional questions please contact the ACBL Tournament Department.

General Conditions Spring NABC Summer NABC Fall NABC Other Events
All Events Platinum Pairs Life Master Pairs Life Master Open Pairs North American Pairs
Pairs IMP Pairs Mini LM Pairs Life Master Women’s Pairs Grand National Teams
Swiss Teams Vanderbilt Spingold Non Life Masters Pairs STaCs
B-A-M Teams Silver Ribbon Pairs Wagar Open BAM Progressive Sectionals
KO Teams Mixed Pairs Senior Swiss Teams Women’s BAM Collegiate Championship
Bracketed Teams Open Pairs 1 Open Pairs 2 Senior KO Teams
Women’s Pairs Mixed BAM Teams Blue Ribbon Pairs
Red Ribbon Pairs Fast Open Pairs Mini Blue Ribbon Pairs
Open Swiss 199er Pairs Senior Mixed Pairs
Women’s Swiss Open Swiss Reisinger Teams
0-10000 Swiss Mini Spingold North American Swiss
Super Senior Pairs
99er Pairs


Appendix B – Vanderbilt & Spingold Seeding Points

Appendix BSR – Senior KO Seeding Points

Appendix BW – Wagar Seeding Points

Appendix C – KO Bracketing

Appendix D – Knockout Team Tardiness Penalties

Appendix EWS – Women’s & Senior KO Team Slow Play Penalties

Appendix EVS – Vanderbilt & Spingold KO Team Slow Play Penalties

Appendix F – Permissible Conventions at NABCs

Appendix G – Special Conditions Pertaining to the Use of Bidding Boxes and Screens

Appendix H – KO Handicapping

Appendix J – Electronic Device Policy

Appendix M – NABC+ Masterpoints

Appendix R – Ribbon Event Eligibility

Appendix S – Security Regulations Pertaining to the Spingold, Vanderbilt and Wagar KOs