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We’ve expanded our teacher training accreditation programs so that you can select the one that’s right for you: The ACBL Teacher Accreditation Program, the Easybridge! Presenter Course, the Better Bridge Teacher Training Program and the Learn Bridge in A Day?® (LBIAD) Instructor Accreditation. (Please note that although the ACBL recognizes the Easybridge!, LBIAD and the Better Bridge teacher-training programs, the administration of these programs is not connected with the ACBL.) Read Select the Program That’s Right for You to find out more about these courses.

ACBL Teacher Accreditation Program Overview

Select the Program that’s Right for You

The ACBL recognizes that one of the most critical needs we have is to teach newcomers how to play bridge. It goes without saying, then, that we need our teachers!

The ACBL currently endorses four teacher accreditation programs

  1. The ACBL TAP and LBIAD Instructor Accreditation are offered at NABCs
  2. Regional TAPs can be arranged through the ACBL
  3. Presentations for Better Bridge or Easybridge! need to be arranged through those organizations

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Bridge Teaching Dynamics Workshop (BTD)

We are piloting this contemporary workshop as the new centerpiece of the Teacher Accreditation Program (TAP) in March. It implements the Best Practices recommended and validated by 400 teachers in the recent survey.

The workshop will train teachers how, rather than what, to teach. It’s built around simulations to engage participants in analyzing and practicing as well as giving and receiving feedback on working with students while delivering bridge lessons, and have the opportunity to earn a Teaching Best Practice Certification. Teachers will be able to choose the content they teach from an online “store” we will be opening later this year as we expand the new TAP.

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Better Bridge Accreditation Program

The Better Bridge Accreditation Program is managed by Audrey Grant’s Better Bridge organization. Grant has developed teaching methods and the new Bridge Basics series of books to assist teachers in introducing players to duplicate.

The Better Bridge accreditation can be taken both live and online. Click the link below for more information.

Better Bridge

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Easybridge! Accredited Presenters Program

Easybridge! is a full marketing program designed to start a new club game by recruiting primarily brand new players and social bridge players to duplicate. The participants learn as they play. The lessons are designed to create a new club game and the program is best suited to bridge teachers who are club managers. The Easybridge! teacher-training program is administered by popular teacher and club owner, Marti Ronemus.

Easybridge! Presenters are trained through a mail-order course and a telephone follow-up test. Presenter manuals and mini-lessons are available for three levels of study.

Marti Ronemus for more information.


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Learn Bridge in A Day?® Instructor Accreditation

This program instructs teachers in methods of administering and presenting LBIAD.

Teachers wishing to be accredited must complete the following two requirements:

1) Serve as a Table Mentor at an LBIAD seminar led by either Melissa Bernhardt or Patty Tucker, and

2) Attend a two-hour LBIAD Teacher Training event presented by Whirlwind Bridge.

Teacher Training will include information on organizing and marketing LBIAD as well as maximizing retention rates, writing effective grant requests and the presentation of the seminar.

Please contact Patty Tucker for more information.

Whirlwind Bridge

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Benefits of the Accreditation Programs

Upon completion of any of these programs, teachers will be recognized as accredited by the ACBL and receive these benefits:

  • A listing on the ACBL’s online Find a Teacher directory. Apply here.
  • A $100 gift certificate for Baron Barclay for every 25 new members recruited during a calendar year.
  • A $500 bonus check for every 100 new members recruited (no time restrictions).
  • An invitation to the ACBL’s Teacher/Club Manager Thank You Reception at each NABC.