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Your Best Partner in Bridge

Encyclopedia of Bridge Questionnaire

This form is intended to be the basis for your entry in the Biographies section. There will be follow-up correspondence in many cases.

Fields marked with * are required.

1. What is your first and last name?*

2. What is your country and city or city and state of residence?*

3. What is your e-mail address?*

4. What is your current profession?* If retired, please indicate your former profession.

5. What is your bridge status within your country?* (eg Life Master, Grand Life Master, etc.)

6. What is your WBF / EBL status?*

7. What national and/or world titles have you acquired?*

8. What is your favorite bridge moment and why?

9. Have you made any other contributions to bridge?* (eg Committees, Boards, Books, etc.)

10. Tell us more about yourself. Do you have any unusual hobbies, college degrees, accomplishments outside of bridge? This can be in essay form and include any and all of your thoughts on bridge.*

Notice: Your email address will only be used to correspond with you about your submission and will not be printed or shared with third parties.