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Places to Play

Bridge Clubs


Find a Club anywhere in North America. Directory includes schedules, contacts and maps.

Play Online

Want to play bridge when and where it’s most convenient for you? Here you’ll find links to all the online sites offering ACBL masterpoints, with more than a dozen short tournament games every day. Meet and play with fun and friendly people from all over the world, sharpen your skills or practice for the next big tournament with your favorite partner.


The ACBL sanctions more than 1000 tournaments each year, offering many opportunities to compete and earn masterpoints. The most prestigious are the North American Bridge Championships or NABCs, held three times a year. Regionals are held by each of the 25 ACBL districts, while sectionals are held closer to home by units or unit-appointed clubs. Tournament play is stratified by masterpoint holding, allowing fair competition for players at any level.

Special Events

Enrich your experience and earn more masterpoints at one of these exciting bridge events. See the Events Schedule or get specific Event Information to find just the right fit for you.

Tools and Rules

Tools and

The resources you need to play competitively or at home.

Charts, Rules
and Regulations

Brush up on everything from basic laws to ethics of the game.