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How to Complete Your Convention Card

Based on the Conventional Wisdom column from the Bridge Bulletin.

Part 1: General Approach(08/04)
Part 2: Notrump Opening Bids
Part 3: Notrump Opening Bids (continued)
Part 4: Notrump Opening Bids (conclusion)
Part 5: Major Opening

Part 6: Major Opening (conclusion) (01/05)
Part 7: Minor Opening
Part 8: Minor Opening (conclusion)
Part 9: Two-level Openings
Part 10: Other Conventional Calls
Part 11: Special Doubles
Part 12: Special Doubles (conclusion)
Part 13: Simple Overcalls
Part 14: Jump Overcall
Part 15: Direct Cuebids
Part 16: Slam Conventions
Part 17: Notrump Overcalls

Part 18: Defense versus 1NT Opening (01/06)
Part 19: Over Opponent’s Takeout Double
Part 20: Over Opponent’s Takeout Double (continued)
Part 21: Penalty
Part 22: Leads
Part 23: Defensive Carding
Part 24: Summary