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Commonly Used Conventions

With only 15 words allowed during an auction and just 13 cards in each suit, bridge players have invented dozens of special bids, called conventions, to describe their strength and hand patterns. These descriptions are from the ACBL Bridge Bulletin series called the Bidding Toolkit. The ACBL textbooks Commonly Used Conventions and More Commonly Used Conventions contain detailed chapters on the use of many of today’s popular treatments. These and other outstanding books about bidding, play and defense are available at Shop Bridge.

In addition, there are many web sites that summarize bridge conventions. For example, type bridge+flannery in a search engine such as Google and and see what pops up!

Fourth Suit Forcing
Cappelletti (Part 1)
Cappelletti (Part 2)
Jacoby 2NT
Jacoby Transfers
Negative Doubles
New Minor Forcing
Overcalls (Part 1)
Overcalls (Part 2)
Puppet Stayman
Responding to a Takeout Double
Responsive Doubles
Roman Key Card Blackwood
Texas Transfers
Unusual vs. Unusual
Weak Two-bids (Part 1)
Weak Two-bids (Part 2)