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Atlanta NABC Recap

Spingold Knockout Teams
Roth Open Swiss
Fishbein Trophy
Fast Pairs
Freeman Mixed Board-a-Match
Mini-Spingold I
Mini-Spingold II
Wagar Women’s Knockout Teams
199ers Pairs
Wernher Open Pairs
Truscott/USPC Senior Swiss Teams
Young LM Pairs
Bruce LM Pairs
GNT Championship Flight
Goldman Flight A GNT
Sheinwold Flight B GNT
Mac Nab Flight C GNT
von Zedtwitz LM Pairs

Polish squad rallies in OT for Spingold KO victory

The four-man Polish squad known as Bridge 24 shrugged off a missed opportunity on the first board of overtime and scored two big swings against Joe Grue and company to win the Spingold Knockout Teams 134-113.

The winners are Jacek Kalita, Michal Nowosadzki, Rafal Jagniewski and Wojciech Gawel. Grue played with Les Amoils, Brad Moss, Thomas Bessis, Peter Bertheau and Jacob Morgan.

It took a game swing for Bridge 24 on the last deal of the 64-board final to force the eight-board playoff.

Lynch strong in Roth final

Carolyn Lynch’s team combined a strong performance in the final of the Roth Open Swiss Teams with a healthy carryover from the qualifying round to win the contest by 6 victory points.

Lynch, playing with Mike Passell, Adam Zmudzinski, Cezary Balicki, Bart Bramley and Lew Stansby, finsished with a four-session total of 136.29 VPs (117 in the final plus a carryover of 19.29).

In second with 130.29 VPs was the squad led by Marty Fleisher — Michael Kamil, Zia Mahmood, Chip Martel, Chris Willenken and Michael Rosenberg (116 VPs in the final, carryover 14.29).

Itabashi wins Fishbein Trophy

Mark Itabashi of Murrieta CA is the 2013 winner of the Fishbein Trophy, given annually to the player who earns the most masterpoints at the Summer NABC. Itabashi earned more than 326 masterpoints in Atlanta, the bulk of which came from his two NABC victories — the von Zedtwitz Life Master Pairs (190) and the Truscott/USPC Senior Swiss Teams (100).

Tied for second place were Jacek Kalita and Michal Nowosadzki, partners on the winning Spingold KO squad.

MP leaders in Atlanta:

1. 326.70 Mark Itabashi
2. 281.01 Jacek Jerzy Kalita
       Michal Nowosadzki
4. 275.90 Bart Bramley
       Lew Stansby
6. 272.50 Steve Weinstein
7. 272.12 Cezary Balicki
       Carolyn Lynch
       Mike Passell
       Adam Zmudzinski
11. 256.96 Ross Grabel
12. 250.00 Wojciech Gawel
       Rafal Jagniewski
14. 244.66 Larry Sealy
15. 238.97 Leslie Amoils
16. 231.44 Zia Mahmood
17. 230.00 Jeff Meckstroth
       Eric Rodwell
19. 223.58 Jim Munday
20. 217.75 Joe Grue
21. 208.72 Lotan Fisher
       Ron Schwartz
23. 201.29 Allan Graves
       Richard Schwartz
25. 195.53 Kevin Bathurst

Sealy–Munday are Fast Pairs champs

Larry Sealy of Huntsville AL and Jim Munday of Southaven MS paired two strong sessions in the final of the NABC+ Fast Pairs to win the contest by two-thirds of a board. It was the first NABC title for both players, each of whom have previously finished second in national-level contests.

Sealy and Munday, who qualified 29th in the opening round on Thursday, scored 61% in the first final session and more than 67% in the second to claim the win in the contest which requires participants to play two-board rounds in 11 minutes.

Their four-session total was 1756.94 (51 top). In second with 1722.73 were Krzysztof Jassem and Marcin Mazurkiewicz of Poland.

Allegaert Takes Mixed BAM

The two teams leading the Freeman Mixed Board-a-Match Teams after the first final session switched places when the last board was played – good news for the Winthrop Allegaert squad, who won by slightly less than a quarter of a board (.24).

For Allegaert, Petra Hamman and Judy Bianco, it was a repeat of their win in the event two years ago. Their teammate, David Grainger, won his first North American championship.

Second place went to Robert Brady, Craig Ganzer, Dana Berkowitz and Mihaela Balint. In third, about one-third of a board behind second, were Louk Verhees, Anna Sarniak, Josef Blass, Emma Sjoberg, Ewa Harasimowicz and Marcin Lesniewski.

Dhir wins Mini-Spin I in squeaker

Arjun Dhir’s squad earned a small lead in the first quarter of the final of the Mini-Spingold I KO Teams against Marc Sylvester’s team, and held on to their narrow advantage throughout the match to win the contest 131-123.

Dhir, of Alpharetta GA, played with teammates Josh Parks of Charlottesville VA, Alex Dezieck of Wilbraham MA and Max Aeschbacher of Salt Lake City UT. Sylvester, of Edinboro PA, played with Randall Rubinstein of Brooklyn NY, Bill Begert and Doug Herron of New York City, Lorraine Cable of Elmhurst NY and Doug Anderson of Quincy MA.

The winners also survived an opening-round tie in which they won the eight-board playoff. The most significant occurrence in Dhir’s road to the top, however, occurred in the quarterfinal match in which they trailed in the final quarter by 30 IMPs. The team rallied and won the last set by 35 IMPs to win the match.

Felker team grabs 0-1500 Spingold

The team captained by John Felker survived two cell phone penalties on their first match of the 0-1500 Mini-Spingold but had little trouble after that, marching into the championship round and defeating the Barbara Newman squad 175-119.

The winners, all from Tennessee, are Felker and his wife, Stephanie, of Signal Mountain, plus Buddy Landis of Chattanooga and Rick Whitehead of Knoxville. Landis and John Felker are retired CPAs. Stephanie is an active CPA, and Whitehead, playing with Landis for the first time, is an artist.

Newman’s Nashville-area team was Don Turner, Hannah Tidman and Yaron Schweizer. They were coached by David Birnbaum and Elaine Said.

Moss Wins Wagar

The team captained by Sylvia Moss survived a scare on the last board of the Wagar Women’s Knockout Teams to defeat the Phyllis Fireman squad 127-122.

Moss played with Joanna Glasson, Lynn Deas, Beth Palmer, Catherine D’Ovidio and Janice Seamon-Molson.

The win for Moss and Glasson was the third straight in major women’s teams events. They were on winning teams in the Marsha May Sternberg Women’s Board-a-Match Teams last fall and the Machlin Women’s Swiss Teams in St. Louis earlier this year.

Fireman’s team was Shannon Cappelletti, Meike Wortel, Marion Michielsen, Benedicte Cronier and Sylvie Willard.

‘Seasonal’ partners take National 199er Pairs

Two women who play together in Florida in the winter “and try to meet in the summer” posted a 63.99% game in the second session of the National 199er Pairs to win the event by more than a board.

The winners are Susie Freund, who splits time between Pound Ridge NY and Captiva FL, and Judy Harralson, of Sanibel FL and Princeton KY. Their score of 218.5 put them 9 matchpoints (7 top) ahead of the two pairs who tied for second: Linda and Joe Harlow of Southport NC and Michael Heimann and Geoffrey Hadlock of Warsaw IN.

Freund is retired from her job as a professional researcher but stays busy working for several nonprofit associations and playing golf. Harralson is retired from “being a homemaker.”

The two have played duplicate about three years. Said Freund, “I didn’t even know about masterpoints until three years ago.” She added, “Bridge is hard work.”

Kovachev–Rosenbaum win Wernher

The Chicago-based duo of Valentin Kovachev and Lynne Rosenbaum put together four solid sessions in the Wernher Open Pairs to win the contest by more than a board. This is the first NABC title for both players.

In second were Larry Sealy of Huntsville AL and Jim Foster of Birmingham AL.

Kovachev and Rosenbaum topped the qualifying round, and in the final, they posted scores of 56.37% and 60.55% in the morning and afternoon sessions to clinch the win.

“It’s not easy to play with me,” said Kovachev, praising his partner. “I took all the risky actions that didn’t work out. She was terrific.”

Rosenbaum is a retired businesswoman. Kovachev, who has represented his native Bulgaria in international contests, immigrated to the U.S. in 2004. He is not technically a Life Master — he has not met the black-point requirement.

In third were Nashville-area players Terry Spector and Bryan Howard.

Adams Grabs Senior Swiss Title

The squad captained by Dee Adams overtook Ed White’s team in the final round of the Truscott/U.S. Playing Card Senior Swiss Teams to win the contest by 5.41 victory points.

Adams, of Memphis TN, played with Al Stone, also of Memphis, and Fred Hamilton of Palm Desert CA, Mark Itabashi of Murrieta CA, Dan Morse of Houston TX and John Sutherlin of Dallas TX.

With the victory, Adams became a Grand Life Master. It is also the first NABC title for Stone. The other members of the squad have multiple NABC wins. This is the second national win for Itabashi here in Atlanta — he won the von Zedtwitz Life Master Pairs on Sunday.

White, of Grand Blanc MI, played with Cam Doner of Richmond BC, and Polish players Jan Zadroga and Kazimierz Omernik.

White was in first place going into the final round, leading second-place Adams by 14 VPs. The two squads met in the final, but White suffered a near-blitz allowing Adams to claim the title.

Hierseman, Fjare hold on to win Young LM Pairs

Two players who have played together less than a year, took the lead after the first final session of the Young Life Master 0-1500 Pairs and hung on to win by 1.57 matchpoints.

The winners are Alan Hierseman of Prairie Village KS and Doug Fjare of Bartlesville OK. Second place went to Murat Berk and Peter van Zijl.

The winners started the day in fifth place. Their 62.52% game in the morning session put them in the lead, 14.57 matchpoints ahead of the eventual runners-up.

The two have known each other for a couple of years but decided only this year to play together to practice for the Young LM Pairs.

Hierseman is the owner of a house cleaning business. Fjare retired from his job as a chemist in 2010, at which time he started playing duplicate.

Thompson, Spector Take Bruce LM Pairs

Randy Thompson and Barry Spector, sitting 22nd after the Saturday semifinal qualifying stage, zoomed to the top of the field in the first final of the Bruce Life Master 0-5000 Pairs, and despite what they estimated to be a poor last round, held on to win.

With 823 points, David and Rita Wakeman from Irvine CA finished less than a board out of first (19 was top).

Thompson is a retired securities lawyer who hails from Albuquerque NM. Spector, an energy lawyer, is from Springfield VA. The two have played together since 1974 (Spector took a hiatus “for family, etc.,” Thompson says).

District 9 repeats as winners of the GNT Championship Flight

The District 9 Team Eric Rodwell, David Berkowitz, Jeff Meckstroth, Michael Becker and Gary Cohler, captained by Warren Spector claimed the GNT Championship Flight title for the third time when they defeated the District 24 squad (Joel Wooldridge, John Hurd, Michael Polowan, Sam Lev, captain Jared Lilienstein and Brian Glubok).

District 22 wins Goldman Flight A

Bo Liu, Xiao-yan Gong, Weishu Wu, captain Soichi Yoshihiro and Philip Hiestand defeated the District 16 squad (captain Anthony Bianchi, Gary King, Robert Whitcher and Mitch Towner) by a single IMP to claim the Goldman Flight A GNT.

District 11 wins Sheinwold Flight B

The District 11 Team Lori Harner, Donna Moore, William Gottschall, Larry Jones and Douglas Millsap captained by Joseph Keim defeated the District 21 team of Stephen Tu, captain Eugene Hung, Helen Han-Yu Chang, Lynn Shannon, Steve Chen and David Weinberg to win the Sheinwold Flight B GNT.

District 23 Wins GNT Flight C

A five-man squad from District 23 (the Los Angeles area) won the MacNab Grand National Teams Flight C. The team —- captain Frederick Upton, Om Chokriwala, Yichi Zhang, Jack Chang and Nolan Chang — defeated their District 5 opponents 220-80. The District 5 team was captain Huei Rong Chern, Sue Lan Ma, Manju Ceylony and Shakeel Ahmad.

Grabel, Itabashi grab LM Pairs crown

Ross Grabel of Palm Desert CA and Mark Itabashi of Murrieta CA won the six-session von Zedtwitz Life Master Pairs. The duo was in fifth place after the qualifying round, and 19th after the semifinal round, but surged into the lead after posting an almost 67% game in the first final session.

The runners-up were Steve Weinstein and Kevin Bathurst.