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Sonsini is USA1

Barbara Sonsini, Judy Radin, Beth Palmer, Lynn Deas, Kerri Sanborn, and Irina Levitina defeated team Baker (Lynn Baker, Cindy Bernstein, Pam Granovetter, Karen McCallum, Sally Wheeler and JoAnna Stansby) in a close match to become USA1.

Baker will now face Westheimer (Valerie Westheimer, Jill Levin, Hjordis Eythorsdottir, and Jenny Wolpert) to compete for the remaining slot as USA2.

In the competition to represent the USA in the d’Orsi Senior Bowl, Team Schwartz (Richard Schwartz, Sam Lev, Neil Chambers, J. Allan Graves, Bob Hamman, and John Schermer) is currently leading Team Lynch (Carolyn Lynch, Eddie Wold, Roger Bates, Mike Passell, Garey Hayden, and Marc Jacobus) 82-47 after 30 boards, with 60 boards left to play. The winner will become USA1.

In the Senior competition for USA2, teams Street, Friedland, Kasle, Meltzer, Simson, and Cappelli are playing head-to-head matches, with the three winning teams advancing to the semis, joined by the loser of the Senior USA1 finals, who will get to choose which team they play against.

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