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Slamminí in Belgium

Five players representing the U.S. are in the final of the Mixed Pairs at the 6th European Open Bridge Championships in Ostend, Belgium.

Sam Lev and Irinia Levitina lead the pack, followed by American Roy Welland, playing with German star Sabine Auken. Sue Picus and Alex Kolesnik also made the cut. The event concludes on Tuesday.

On the final board of the final qualifying session, Sam Lev found himself in 7NT with these two hands on view:

A Q J 4 2
A K Q J 10 8

A 9 8

9 7 6
9 4 3
A K Q 3 2
K 5

The auction was complicated with lots of cuebidding and a leap by Lev to 7NT after Levitina had jumped to 6 over a cuebid. Lev received the lead of the 8. He thought things over for a minute or so and called for the A. When his right-hand opponent followed with the king, Lev claimed. Levís right-hand opponent, smiling as he did so, reached under the screen and shook Lev's hand. Nice play!