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Bali High!

Two teams have won the right to compete on behalf of the U.S. for the 2013 Bermuda Bowl, which will be held in Bali, Indonesia from September 16–30.

The USA1 spot was claimed by the four-handed Kranyak squad: John Kranyak, Gavin Wolpert, Kevin Bathurst and Kevin Dwyer. The Kranyak team has added Bobby Levin and Steve Weinstein as their third pair for the event.

Levin, recognized as the youngest player to notch several significant achievements, quipped Thursday morning on BridgeWinners, “Some of my teammates were not even born when I won the Bermuda Bowl back in ’81. Hey I’m still just a kid! What’s going on here?”

The team captained by Marty Fleisher earned the USA2 berth: Marty Fleisher, Michael Kamil, Chris Willenken, Michael Rosenberg, Chip Martel and Zia Mahmood.

The Bermuda Bowl is the premier team event at the World Bridge Championships organized by the World Bridge Federation. It is contested every other year in odd-numbered years. Fleisher, Kamil, Martel, Levin and Weinstein were members of USA1 at the 2011 Bermuda Bowl. Bathurst led USA2 in the 2011 Bermuda Bowl. His was the youngest squad ever to represent the U.S. in open play.

The U.S. Bridge Federation will host team trials starting July 12 to select two Womens’ teams who will compete for the Venice Cup in Bali. Play starts that same day to determine two Senior teams who will travel to Indonesia to vie for the 2013 Senior Bowl.