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A Duplication of Values – A Hallowe’en Hand

Bridge on All Hallow’s Eve is most certainly a dead issue
composed completely of lacerated muscle and tissue.
Duplicate body parts gamely roam each street
looking to cannibalize those who trick or treat.
Those hungry bridge players wander the town
searching out innocents to savagely knock down.
Inside, at the game, nothing is left to chance,
every-body and -thing consumed in a deadly dance.
The table is filled with snippets of stinky stuff
that on any other night would be the outside of enough.
Small slams are made to the face or the crown.
Grand slams bring the entire bloody torso down.
There are no pre-emps; every 2-bid is strong.
if not, then well something seriously is wrong.
Going down in a contract makes one truly lose face.
Only 7 minutes per game, then onto another bloody place.
But then the Director screams, “Cut the Hand!”
Play stops, as one-handed players try to understand.
They gave up their left last year; now she’s after their right.
The saints may be praised tomorrow, but not on Halloween night.
It’s friend vs. friend, and husband against wife.
There is no safe place to play; all is confusion and strife.
Easts eye Wests with murder in their hearts.
Norths tackle Souths and rend their bodies apart.
Obviously, on Hallowe’en, mayhem reigns supreme.
By the next day, it’s all been relegated to a groggy dream.

Carol Anderson
Hallowe’en 2012