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Almost Forever

by Peggy Kaplan

Many of us love competing in sports. For most, however, tennis, racquetball, softball and the like begin to have physical limits. Joints, backs, muscles – as age advances, we have to put our athletic endeavors on the back shelf.

But one sport – the mind game of bridge – can stretch almost a lifetime. Whether seven – or eighty-seven – bridge players get into the action! We’ve seen at our Youth NABC’s how kids have a blast at bridge. Ditto for those at the other spectrum of life! In particular, I know of one competitor and her drive to compete – my mom, Claire Kaplan.

Mom’s been a competitor all her life, both in the mental and physical arena. In recent years, however, physical challenges ended Mom’s ability to visit the gym every day. Indeed; as time has progressed, almost any movement at all has become more and more difficult. Yet, every week, two dates on the calendar are “musts” for Mom: her beauty shop appointment and her bridge game! (Of course, the former is a prerequisite for the latter…)

Each Wednesday afternoon, Mom heads to her club for bridge. There, a sea of women congregate to battle away at the table. The ladies with whom Mom plays are delightful. They’re more than competent in the bidding, defending and declaring departments. In addition, the ladies are lovely partners and great friends.

Getting to and from the game, however, is challenging. Sometimes one of Mom’s bridge buddies chauffeurs Mom home. Occasionally, Howard – aka, my dad – is the one who fetches Mom. (Of course, this is always a favored option. Dad gets to schmooze with the ladies and vice versa!)

Others in the advanced senior crowd face more tests as they age. Yet, one of the beauties of bridge is that our game can accommodate many of these challenges.

We bridge players adore our game! The extra-special good news is that we can compete almost forever….