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Highlight on ACBL Headquarters

by Peggy Kaplan

Natasha Brown & Debra Poston

One of the special treats in having our Spring NABC in Memphis is the opportunity to have more of our ACBL employees mingle with our players! Every day, different people from Horn Lake headquarters are heading over to the tournament. We’re so glad they are here – and – we’ll be introducing you to some of them!

Accounting supervisor Natasha Brown has been with the ACBL for about 5 ½ years. Natasha has been to some NABCs prior for ACBL Board meetings. Natasha’s exciting news is that she now is learning to play bridge! Her lessons began at the office last August. She’s the proud owner of .45 masterpoints, and looking forward to earning many more.

Natasha loves the ACBL, its people, her work and the ACBL Members. Being at this NABC has been a ton of fun; Natasha loves meeting new people.

Debra Poston has been at ACBL for 12 years. She is our payroll coordinator in Human Resources. Debra has not yet learned our game, but she would like to learn. She loves the directors and our people; she loves her job with ACBL. Debra has attended 3 other NABCs.

Here in Memphis, Natasha and Debbie are working with Wendy Sullivan as two more of the “Ask Me” girl. As you can see from the photos with Wendy, Natasha and Debra have been having the time of their lives! Ask these ladies a question when you see them. Not only will they know your answer, they are guaranteed to put a smile on your face!