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ACBL Recognizes Those Who Recruited 25 or More Members in 2011

Through their hard work and dedication, ACBL teachers and club officials have a large hand in growing the Membership of the ACBL. In an effort to recognize all those who work so tirelessly to promote and sustain the game we all love, the ACBL would like to recognize teachers and club officials who reach recruitment milestones throughout the year.

25 Members Recruited within the 2011 Calendar Year
Received a $100 gift certificate to Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies

Barbara Seagram
Toronto, ON
Milestone achieved in December 2011
Barbara Seagram

Q: What do you think makes you a successful ACBL Member recruiter?
We have a School of Bridge program, as well as a Club here in Toronto, and we encourage all our students to join ACBL. We think it is the deal of the century and the monthly Bulletin is most worthwhile. They also love to have their masterpoints recorded. We arrange to have their last year's worth of collected masterpoints credited to their "account" if they join ACBL.

Q: What is your most successful marketing tool used for bringing new Members to our organization?
We keep back issues of ACBL Bulletin and display these so that prospective new Members can see what they will be getting if they join. We tell them that ACBL is the largest organizing body of bridge in the world and they ought to be supporting this organization.

Q: Why do you think it is so important to further the game of bridge?
Bridge is the most exciting and most popular card game in the world. It stimulates the brain, thus preventing Alzheimer’s. It is a huge force in bonding and making new friends. We watch lifetime friendships form and have witnessed this for 36 years now. No-one can ever get bored with the game, regardless of what level they are at.

Bridge is a great equalizer. New players can play against world champions and it is such a great thrill. All socio-economic levels disappear at the table. All races, creeds and colors play against each other without animosity.

These above reasons are why we must all do our part to further the game of bridge.

Q: How do you retain the Members you recruit?
If their membership expires, ACBL notifies the recruiter and we contact the player and remind them that their membership is expired. We constantly urge people to be Members of ACBL and are always advertising tournaments for our players to attend.

Other 2011 recipients of this recruitment bonus:

Sara Bellesheim – Bronxville, NY
Bob Jones – Hypoluxo, FL

Michelle Golden – Sarasota, FL
Meagan Powell – West Orange, NJ

Janet Case – Charlotte, NC
Silvana Zangri – Syosset, NY
Bob Jones – Hypoluxo, FL

Meagan Powell – West Orange, NJ

Jacqueline Altschuler – Naples, FL
Donna Compton – Dallas, TX
Terry Currie – Houston, TX
Barbara Seagram – Toronto, ON

Jeff Bayone – New York, NY
Brenda Bertrand – Calgary, AB
Ethel Butler – Fort Mill, SC
Michelle Golden – Sarasota, FL
Gail Schneider – Laguna Woods, CA
Silvana Zangri – Syosset, NY

Lois Greer – Silver Spring, MD
Bob Jones – Hypoluxo, FL

Laura Delfeld – Austin, TX
Jo Ellen Blandford – Estero, FL
Wirt Gilliam – San Diego, CA
Meagan Powell – West Orange, NJ
Sally Toups – Kenner, LA
Marcel Villeneauve – Guelph, ON

Beverley Cheatham – Houston, TX
Candace Griffey – Vero Beach, FL
Barbara Seagram – Toronto, ON

For more information on the ACBL Recruitment Bonus program, click here.