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Star Recruiters Recognized

Through their hard work and dedication, ACBL teachers and club officials have a large hand in growing the Membership of the ACBL. In an effort to recognize all those who work so tirelessly to promote and sustain the game we all love, the ACBL would like to recognize teachers and club officials who reach recruitment milestones throughout the year.

100 Cumulative Members Recruited
Received a $500 bonus check and a certificate recognizing them as a Star Recruiter

JoEllen Blandford
Estero, FL
Milestone achieved in December 2011

JoEllen Blandford
JoEllen Blandford

JoEllen Blandford becoming a Life Master

Photo of JoEllen’s team in the knockouts last October at the Southwest Florida Regional taken by Unit 128’s Jay Whipple. She got the rest of her gold points becoming a Life Master. (left to right): Judy Olsen, Helen Kirwan, JoEllen Blandford, and Sandy Frederick.

Q: What do you think makes you a successful ACBL Member recruiter?
The secret to the success of both Bonita Bridge Club's games and educational program is linking fun! fun! fun! with great customer service.

Q: What is your most successful marketing tool used for bringing new Members to our organization?
At Bonita we practice zero tolerance and encourage remembering we are all there to have fun. As Members of ACBL they will get a fantastic magazine full of great information every month. They will enjoy an exciting website which will help them find clubs anywhere they travel. Last but not least is the exciting race for ACBL points that will reinforce their achievements and provide a valuable tool to measure their progress in this wonderful game.

Q: Why do you think it is so important to further the game of bridge?
From the first day they enter I make them aware of how much bridge will enhance their lives - new friendships, mental aerobics to keep their brains sharp. It's the least expensive form of entertainment per hour that can be enjoyed. New friends, new mental stimulation, - no amount of money can buy so much for so little anywhere else.

Q: How do you retain the Members you recruit?
Retention is easy if I am doing my job of creating a wonderful experience for my customers. If I sound excited about bridge and ACBL it's because I am. I try to convey that to my players and students everyday.

Other 2011 recipients of this recruitment bonus:

Perry Poole – Maitland, FL
Judy Knox – Memphis, TN
Kathie Macnab – Halifax, NS

Meagan Powell – West Orange, NJ, 200 TOTAL MEMBERS RECRUITED!

Verna Goldberg – Louisville, KY
Wirt Gilliam – San Diego, CA, 200 TOTAL MEMBERS RECRUITED!
Marie Killoran – Wilmington, NC
William Marks – Roswell, GA

Gail Schneider – Laguna Woods, CA

Laurie-Ann Levin – San Antonio, TX
Walter Miller II – Oakland, CA

Janet Case – Charlotte, NC, 200 TOTAL MEMBERS RECRUITED!

Lyde McReynolds – Carmel, CA, 200 TOTAL MEMBERS RECRUITED!
Stephen Nellissen – Ramsey, NJ, 300 TOTAL MEMBERS RECRUITED!
Shirley Dail – Wilmington, NC
Diane Gulbrandsen – Monrovia, CA, 200 TOTAL MEMBERS RECRUITED!

Michelle Golden – Sarasota, FL, 700 TOTAL MEMBERS RECRUITED!

Barbara Seagram – Toronto, ON, 500 TOTAL MEMBERS RECRUITED!
Sally Pelmear – Mission Viejo, CA
Bob Jones – Hypoluxo, FL, 500 TOTAL MEMBERS RECRUITED!

Sally Toups – Kenner, LA, 200 TOTAL MEMBERS RECRUITED!
Martha McGhee – Maitland, FL, 200 TOTAL MEMBERS RECRUITED!
Brenda Bertrand – Calgary, AB, 200 TOTAL MEMBERS RECRUITED!
Cathy Hildebrand – Williamsburg, VA

Richard S. Laufer – Hartsdale, NY, 200 TOTAL MEMBERS RECRUITED!
Jo Ellen Blandford – Estero, FL

For more information on the ACBL Recruitment Bonus program, click here.