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ACBL President, Sharon Anderson, Visits Headquarters

Sharon Anderson, ACBL’s new President, made a special visit to headquarters in Horn Lake, Miss. last month. Her first day was largely dedicated to meeting with department managers and directors to discuss how ACBL staff and the Board of Directors can work more closely together to accomplish the strategic goals of the organization. Anderson also made time to visit each department and say hello to all the staff that makes running this Member-driven organization possible.

The following morning, Anderson met with all the staff as a whole to thank them for their hard work and talk in more depth about the crucial contributions of Volunteers to the success of the ACBL.

“Without Volunteers working at the club, unit and district levels much of what we provide Members wouldn’t be possible unless dues were raised significantly,” Anderson said. “I want to express how important it is to develop and value our Volunteers as one of the key components of our great organization.”

Anderson conservatively estimated that Volunteer hours spent at the club, on club, unit and district board levels; and on sectional, regional and NABC tournament committees totaled 3.4 million working hours annually provided free of charge. If Volunteers were paid $21.36 per hour (value estimate from Common Cause), the annual Membership dues would increase by $442! This information really put into perspective how valuable Volunteers are to staff and Members.

Anderson plans to visit with Members and Volunteers during her year as President and ask three questions in a focus group format. Click here to visit Anderson’s personal blog that documents her travels as ACBL President. Throughout the year there will be a permanent link on the ACBL homepage directing users to her blog.

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