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John and Theresa Federico Named Goodwill Members of the Year

The ACBL Goodwill Member of the Year is selected annually by the ACBL Board of Directors at the Fall NABC and awarded for unselfish dedication to the causes of good conduct, worthy participation and ethical behavior. This year, not one, but two Members were selected to receive this honor – husband and wife, John and Theresa Federico.

Nominated by the Board of Directors and membership of Unit 134, Unit President, Sid LeBlanc described very effectively the merits he felt made John and Theresa such deserving nominees.

“Mr. and Mrs. John Federico uphold the highest standards of integrity in the ACBL and would be an excellent choice for this distinguished honor. They treat everyone with dignity and respect and personify genuine kindness and consideration. It is too difficult to choose which is more worthy of this honor.”

In a joint statement made by the co-recipients, John and Theresa had this to say of their recognition:

“To be nominated for such an honor is the highest praise one’s friends and fellow competitors can ever bestow. To be selected indicates that those who have placed our names in nomination have also spoken very eloquently on our behalf. For their recognition, and for their efforts, we are deeply humbled and eternally grateful.”

So what makes John Federico so worthy of this prestigious honor? It wasn’t just the undertaking of chairing the 2010 NABC in New Orleans, but his down-to-Earth teaching style that impressed the Board. John is always willing to play with a student and often invites one to play on a knockout or swiss team at a NABC or Regional tournament, just so they might have the opportunity to earn red and gold points. No payment is ever accepted on his behalf for helping the student.

In addition to helping students, John makes himself available to all bridge players who wish to dissect and analyze a hand to determine best bid and play. Beyond this he also helps new directors learn the movements, how to discuss and interpret director calls and all other facets of directing. John has served as District Representative for six years and chaired the 2010 NABC in New Orleans.

“Being named a co-recipient of Goodwill Member of the year is not just a great honor; it is also a standard to be maintained and even an expectation that can be exceeded,” John said of his honor.

Co-recipient of the Goodwill Member of the Year, Theresa Federico, is always the first to volunteer whenever help is needed. No task is beneath her. She always has a smile on her face and a warm greeting for all as she helps serve food, clean, wash dishes, or run an errand for someone in need. Theresa has even been known to sanitize the bidding boxes, card tables and chairs!

“Theresa does not seek the limelight; in fact, it would appear she prefers to remain in the background,” said LeBlanc. “Yet this is impossible precisely because she is such a bright star.”

Theresa makes herself available to play with someone who arrives at the club without a partner. In fact, new players and partnerships is one of her specialties. At the 2010 NABC in New Orleans, she served as Chair of New Player Services, making herself available to players at every hour of the day. The first to arrive and the last to leave, Theresa made sure players found appropriate partners, and in some cases she would even play with a new player!

Known as the most altruistic member of the Louisiana Bridge Association, Theresa is the first to call and wish someone a happy birthday, visit a member in the hospital or call on them at home when they are out sick. If something is lost, Theresa searches until it is found. If a volunteer is needed, Theresa doesn’t just find one, she becomes one.

“This is absolutely the best pat on the back I could ever receive in this game. It is a confirmation that the real joy of our game comes not from how many wins or masterpoints one has acquired, but rather from how many friends that are made and how many lives are enriched,” Theresa said of her honor.

Congratulations to John and Theresa Federico for receiving this wonderful honor!

The Federicos