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Sleepless in Seattle

by Peggy Kaplan

The Fall NABC is often known as the “matchpoint” NABC. Many of the top events at this NABC are of one matchpoint form or another. The grueling schedule leaves many players sleepless! But like all NABCs, this Seattle “matchpoint” NABC was unique and special. What do we remember about Seattle, and want to share with those who could not join us?

•A dominating performance by Team Cayne, handily winning the Open B-A-M and Reisinger

•A new and young partnership, Roger Lee & Josh Donn, capturing the Kaplan Blue Ribbon Pairs

•Fathers playing with sons – and fathers competing against their sons

•Bridge writers gathering material – and creating their own at the table, including George & Claude of “George’s World” fame

•Competitors of all stripes: world champions, Hall of Famers, seniors, juniors, youth, I/N and much more

•Bill Gates & Team suiting up for the Reisinger in his own home town

•Bridgewinner guys posing for a portrait

NABC champs added another skin to their long resumes; new champions were crowned. Smiles were offered from those relaxing for a moment; furrowed brows from those trying to analyze the hand at hand.

Nothing is quite as exhilarating as players of all ages, coming from all parts of the world to compete. We battle, fight for each matchpoint and IMP – then come away from the table to relate stories of victory and woe.

Seattle was a blast! The memories of it will just tide us over – until Memphis 2012. Get your zzzzzz’s and - see you there!