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Seattle Stars

by Peggy Kaplan

High atop the Sheraton overlooking Seattle, Rose Meltzer’s bridge stars sparkled through the mist. Tuesday morning, Master of Ceremonies Dave Berkowitz, with wife Lisa, partner Alan Sontag, plus Jade and Karen Barrett delighted guests as they dined at a new Breakfast with the Stars.

The morning was marvelous. Many of the guests in attendance were from Seattle, working tirelessly to produce the fabulous NABC that we are currently enjoying. Among them were Shawn Abernathy, partnerships, Randy Corn, website master extraordinaire, Carl Wilson, on site chairman and Barbara Nist, tournament co-chair, plus upcoming San Francisco NABC organizer Marion Robertson.

As guests and stars dined on out of this world breakfast pastries, eggs and other assorted treats, the stars entertained all with stories from the bridge world. Dave Berkowitz’s tale of how he and Alan Sontag won a board in the Open BAM by going for 2,000 in 7 spades doubled (a win against their teammates plus 2210 in 7H) earned applause. David also received chuckles when he lamented that now, he and world champion wife Lisa are known in the bridge community as “Dana and Michael’s parents”. The travails of having bridge playing children!

The importance of junior bridge and Rose’s deep contributions to juniors was the highlight of Jade and Karen Barrett’s words. Jade also delved into their own involvement with junior programs.

As always, Breakfast with the Stars coordinator Debbie Hyatt handled all details with perfection.

The morning had one unfortunate note, though. Hostess and star Rose was not able to attend. Apparently a late night nail biting finish in the Baze Senior Knockouts had left Rose under the weather. Thus she had to send her regrets to all.

Still, the story had quite the happy ending. Rose and her team were victorious Tuesday and claimed the title for yet another NABC victory!

Seattle’s Breakfast with the Stars was yet another fine opportunity for guests to meet and mingle with the best in bridge. Our thanks to the stars, guests, organizers - and, of course, once again newly crowned NABC champ Rose – for this outstanding morning.