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Seattle Sights and Sites

by Peggy Kaplan

When I come to an NABC, I come for bridge. A national tournament offers a cornucopia of events – along with top notch players from throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world. If, perchance, I’m knocked out of an event? (Perish the thought!) Then, nothing better than searching for a world class pair to kibitz and be dazzled.

Once, at a long ago Reno NABC, I entered the host hotel the evening prior to day one …. Ten days later, I stepped foot outside to head for the airport. Some of us love to have bridge morning through evening – then even dream it throughout the night.

Many of the NABC cities, however, do offer delights when you step away from the bridge table. Seattle truly is one of those cities. Only a short walk from the Convention Center and many hotels, you can find the Pike Place Market. A wealth of shops, markets, restaurants and more hug the waterfront. Stroll through the cobblestone walks to take in the sights and smells of this historic area.

Monday morning, Steve Beatty enjoyed breakfast at Lowell’s, overlooking Elliot t Bay. Do you think that Team Jacobs’ (G. Jacobs, Beatty, Elahmady, Sadek, Madala, Bocchi) fine leading score of 37 in the first day of the Mitchell Open BAM had something to do with that smile? Or – could it be the excellent corned beef hash? Good luck to all at the table – and – don’t forget to “score” in Seattle’s offerings, too!