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3rd World Online University Team Championships on BBO

Press release from FISU and WBF:

In December 2011, FISU (World University sports Federation) and WBF (World Bridge Federation) will start the 3rd World Online University Team Championships on BBO.

It is a knock out competition (see item 1 below) on internet between countries where the schedule is determined by draw. We will start by playing in groups, followed by a knockout final stage.

A country can enter an unlimited number of teams. Each team must be composed of between 4 and 6 university players and a captain must be indicated. For each player, the following information is required: name, surname, birthday, nationality, university or high school, country.

Both captains have some time (see item 2 below) to schedule and play a match of 32 boards. The result must be sent directly after the match to (with a copy to

Results will be published on and on the Facebook account "Uni Bridge"

Participants must meet the following conditions:

• being at a university or high school (or 1 year after or before studies)
• being between 17 and 28 years old
• having the nationality of the country he or she represents

Teams can enter from now till 25th of November 2011 by sending an e-mail to with a copy to After receiving all entries and after the draw, we will inform each captain by the next match. Play will start in December 2011.

We rely on fair play and friendship from all participants, important values for FISU and WBF. Any violation against fair play will not be accepted and have severe consequences. At the request of any Captain, Kuba can be the Tournament Director during the match.

1) first we will play in groups then knock out stage
2) we will know exactly when we will know how many teams will start

Please assist us by giving this event as much publicity as possible to let the young players know about it!