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ACBL Accepting Proposals for New Scoring Software Program

2012 Scoring Software (2012ss)


American Contract Bridge League will contract with a vendor(s) for the purpose of creating a new scoring software program in a language that can be modified and supported by ACBL’s internal IT department. The program may include multiple disciplines to be outlined in the specifications and be under the direction and supervision of the ACBL Project Manager.

ACBL History:

ACBL is the sanctioning body for competitive contract bridge in North America. A 501(c) 4 with over 165,000 members, the ACBL sanctions more than 1,250 tournaments annually staffed by ACBL Tournament Directors. In addition, over 3,000 sanctioned club games are held annually, staffed by Club Directors who are certified by ACBL. Currently these games use ACBLscore, which supports over 3,000 stand-alone users. Results from these games are transmitted electronically to ACBL. This program was developed in the early 1980s and is written in Turbo Pascal and x 86 Assembler. Separate versions run under DOS and Windows environments.

There are approximately 200,000 lines of code (LOC) with approximately 1000 lines of assembler. For various reasons, this software will be replaced with a new scoring system that is functionally equal to the existing code. An ACBL Project Manager will oversee the selected vendor.

Qualified Company:

Qualified companies must sign a non-disclosure statement. They will then be provided with a source code from the current ACBLscore, game files from club games and tournaments, the initial study, documents created specific to the current software; and documents created for the new program.

The ACBL Project Manager and staff members of ACBL will be available after review of the specification documents.

Requirements for Qualified Company:

The team should have the following minimum requirements:

• A bridge player with at least two years experience in tournament/club bridge.
• A Tournament Director/Club Director with at least one-year experience with ACBLscore.
• A programmer with a minimum of five-years experience with user interface design, development and deployment.
• Programmer with working knowledge of Pascal and X86 assembler.
• Programmer with a minimum of three-years experience building/designing a project on SQL DB.
• Experience in managing a project with at least 100,000 LOC and as complex as ACBLscore.
• Knowledge of duplicate scoring methods including fouled boards, average +/-, movements.
• Financial reporting background.

Preference will be given to firms that also have:

• Agile work development experience
• Java experience
• XML experience

Qualified companies will need to provide a proposal that includes staff bios and recommended program language.

Pricing should be sent under separate cover or separate email.
Completion of the project will be expected on or before 12/31/2012.

Proposals may be sent to via email or sent hard copy to:

6575 Windchase Blvd
Horn Lake, MS 38637

Proposals must be received no later than October 10, 2011.

General Information:

Terms of Contract:

Initial contract for this software will be negotiated at the time of the contract award.

ACBL reserves the right to reject all proposals, reject any portions of proposals, and may accept the proposal(s) evaluated to be the most advantageous to ACBL.