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Craig's Club Tour Recap

Beginning April 17 in Lansdale, Penn., ACBL President Craig Robinson embarked on his journey to visit 100 bridge clubs across the nation in 100 days.

In its 74 year lifetime, no ACBL President has taken on the challenge of personally visiting such a large number of clubs. After receiving requests from hundreds of the ACBL’s 3,200 affiliated bridge clubs, Robinson narrowed down his tour to 100 clubs. The tour will be split in half, with the first leg of the tour ending just as the Summer North American Bridge Championships (NABC) commence July 21 in Toronto, ON. The western tour begins August 10 in Fargo, N.D. after the NABC, and culminates in Vancouver in late September.

“The clubs are the lifeline of the American Contract Bridge League, and where the majority of new members come from,” Robinson said. “This special trip serves as a ‘thank you’ to all the clubs for helping make the ACBL the success we are today.”

North Penn DBC – Craig played at his home club in Lansdale, PA, partnering with Elaine Clair.

Westwood DBC – Braving Boston on the same day as the city’s marathon, Craig attended a marathon bridge session with 51 tables!

The Bridge Spot – Craig played two with Ernie Banks and was very impressed with the plush facilities in Woburn.

MIT/DL – Craig was the oldest player at this club! It is one of the few clubs sponsored by a private company, Draper Labs and an educational institution, MIT.

Manchester & The Mountains – Craig enjoyed some “Vermont Friendly Bridge” with partner Barbara Cross.

West Hartford BC – One of the newer clubs on Craig’s tour, they began with 0-20 masterpoint limits and as the club has grown so have the masterpoint limits, now at 1500.

Hartford Bridge Club – After visiting a newer club, Craig’s next stop was to one of the oldest clubs in the ACBL! This is a true members club and they even guarantee every player a partner!

Maple Grove Players – Five bridge clubs join together to rent space at the Maple Grove Community Center. They had 27 tables of bridge in two sections: Life Master and Non Life Master, and even a lunch prepared by Director, Andie Shaeffer.

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