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Morning Starlight in Louisville

by Peggy Kaplan

For most of us, a session with the finest bridge players in the world is fantasy. Yet, thanks to the generosity of that special luminary, Rose Meltzer, a lucky assemblage enjoys the opportunity to spend a morning with bridge elites. At Breakfast with the Stars, guests chatted away with an array of bridge celebrities as all munched on a marvelous buffet.

At one table: master storyteller and mountain of a player, Bob Hamman, along with the world’s fiercest female partnership, Danielle Von Armin and Sabine Auken. Adjacent were Bob’s better half, Petra, with David & Lisa Berkowitz. Mike & Nancy Passell held court with their group as Mike Seamon and Shannon Cappelletti educated and amused. The inimitable Zia mesmerized and MC’d the morning; hostess Rose Meltzer and precision wizard Alan Sontag charmed and wowed their players.

Why do experts take on the grinding memorization of a complex big club system? Alan explained the pros and cons. How should a competitor handle fatigue? What are the best strategies at matchpoints versus IMPS? Answers to these questions and many others, along with a collection of tales from top competition enthralled the guests.

At an NABC, we see the best of the best at the table for a few boards. Without chit chat, they generally elope with the lion’s share of matchpoints. At Breakfast with the Stars, however, secrets, stories and laughs can be shared in a convivial setting.

Many thanks to organizer Debbie Hyatt, Tournament Chairwoman Hannah Davis and Local Rep for the BWS, Helene Katz, for their excellent efforts. Of course, special kudos to the inimitable Rose Meltzer for providing us with this most special opportunity. Remember: if you want to learn from the world’s greatest, be sure to sign up for Rose’s Breakfast with the Stars at Toronto’s upcoming NABC!