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It’s Never Too Late

by Joan McIlwain

Although he played social bridge for 80 years, 93-year-old Everett “Ev” Jones of Vero Beach FL only took up duplicate four years ago. Now, he’s a Life Master. Ev won the few gold points he needed at the recent Orlando FL Regional Tournament.

What has playing bridge for 80 years taught him? “Playing bridge is great.” he says. “It requires planning as well as an excellent memory. Bridge helps me to understand the best and accept the worst in both partners and opponents.”

Ev lived in Princeton NJ for many years where he worked for Container Corporation of America. He and his wife, Bronze Life Master Lucy Jones, are now retired in Florida.

Bridge is his main hobby, but Ev is also a winning tournament player at golf and croquet. Asked to compare the three, Ev says there are similarities and differences. All three require a player to judge the opponents’ capabilities and to stay focused. “It’s very important in each to keep a sense of humor on hand at all times,” he says.

Ev plays bridge several times each week with various partners, including wife Lucy. Ev says that she’s his “best partner in bridge and in life and has been for 49 years.” He plays most of his bridge at Florida’s Vero Beach Bridge Club, a place, he says, with lots of good players, a friendly atmosphere and a terrific manager, Candy Griffey.

“How are you today?” is a question Ev says he hears frequently. “I’m old and forgetful, but who isn’t?” he jokes. He quickly adds that bridge slows down his forgetfulness.

Photo by Bob McIlwain.

Everett Jones