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Breakfast with Rose

by Peggy Kaplan

The Milky Way? Miraculous, indeed. But the stars in Rose’s Breakfast with the Stars outshine that galaxy.

Orlando 2010’s cavalcade of bridge celebrities was a hit. Debbie Hyatt assisted folks in finding their special bridge icon. As Rose greeted both guests and stars, she was feted back. Most aptly, the hostess of this excellent event is now Chairman of the Goodwill Committee. The audience gave emcee Dave Berkowitz a huge round of applause for Rose and all she does for bridge.

As everyone dined on a yummy breakfast of eggs, muffins and assorted accoutrements, Dave introduced each table’s stars. One of the world’s elite pairs, Daniela Von Arnim and Sabine Auken, were sizzling hot after yesterday’s repeat win in the Sternberg Women’s Board-A-Match. Mike Passell with his mind boggling 65,000+ masterpoints and wife Nancy, a champion in her own right, had many an entertaining story to share. Animated discussions transpired at Debbie and Michael Rosenberg’s table; Jan Jansma of the Netherlands added a European flavor. Nearby, huge guffaws came from Michael Seamon, Shannon Cappelletti and their guests.

Dave Berkowitz’ newer partner, Alan Sontag “The Bridge Bum” author shared stories with wife Robin at his table. In addition, Alan gave thanks to Gladys Collier for her tremendous influence on his bridge career. Meanwhile, Dave and multi-champ wife Lisa told how their most successful love and bridge partnership came to be.

We are fortunate in our sport that we are able to compete against the elite of the bridge world. In that venue, however, concentration is high and conversation is minimal. At Rose’s Breakfast with the Stars, though, opportunities for convivial chatting are ample.

The Hostess with the Mostess, world champ Rose will be offering another chance to have Breakfast with the Stars in Spring’s Louisville NABC. Treat yourself to a great meal and the best of the best in bridge!

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