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Not To Be Denied

By Dale Dallaire

It was a very warm evening in September when players started to show up for the Wednesday night duplicate game in Reston VA.

Usually the cancellation notification works very well, but not this night. Twelve people showed up for the game, right around starting time, but there was no game.

This wasn’t going to stop a group of hard-core bridge players. One of us went to a nearby store to buy cards while the rest tried to find a place to play. The Dairy Queen would let us but they expected a noisy crowd around 9 p.m. and they would want tables. Buffalo Wild Wings would let us play outside, but there were no lights. No luck at a local pizza place, either.

Someone went to the Hunan Cafe, a carry-out Chinese restaurant, which had enough tables. We assured them we would eat, not gamble, and they would get a big tip, we had a place to play. They wanted us to sit at two tables of six instead of three tables of four. Guess they’re not bridge players.

We decided on a round-robin Swiss teams and played three rounds. It was a lot of fun and proves bridge players will play wherever there are cards and tables.

Duplicate players at Hunan Cafe