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Curious about the ACBL Education Foundation?

The ACBL Educational Foundation is a charitable trust fund established as a nonprofit organization in 1987. This Foundation provides grants to promote the education of Bridge, separate from the day to day activities of the Education Department of ACBL, that supports the current needs of the Bridge community.

Its goal is to make Bridge a game played by people of all ages and walks of life. Contributions to the ACBL Educational Foundation are in the form of gifts from individuals, families and corporations. The Trustees of the Educational Foundation feel that grants to be made in the future are as important as grants made today. Grant Applications for all Bridge Educational projects and materials are encouraged.

The Foundation is composed of many non-voting members who join by simply adding $2 for the Foundation when ACBL membership dues or service fees are renewed. The business of the Foundation is administered by a nine-member board of trustees. Trustees serve without compensation and without reimbursement for food, travel, or lodging.

Three of the nine Trustees for the Educational Foundation are elected each fall, with one member of the ACBL Board of Directors and two from the membership at large. Any member in good standing of the ACBL may be [self] nominated to be elected as a Trustee of the Educational Foundation. Deadline is October 1st.

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