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Reno’s “Breakfast with the Stars”

by Peggy Kaplan

Thousands of stars twinkle above Reno’s mountains. None shine as brightly, though, as the bridge stars that grace Rose Meltzer’s “Breakfast with the Stars.”

This spring’s NABC saw a dazzling array in every way imaginable. A bountiful buffet, beautifully presented, greeted guests as they arrived. The room itself shone too, sparkly with festive balloons and gold stars. Rose herself and Jim “Flash” Gordon helped people find their seats with this year’s super stars: Joanna and Lew Stansby, Tobi Sokolow and Mark Jacobus, Jan Martel and Ronnie Smith, Renee Mancuso and Mike Passell, Lisa and Dave Berkowitz, Janice Seamon-Molson and Zia, Shannon Cappelletti and Alan Sontag, and, of course, hostess Rose Meltzer with partner Kyle Larsen.

Dave Berkowitz, newly elected into the Hall of Fame, ably emceed the morning. Moving throughout the tables, Dave introduced the stars; vignettes and jokes kept smiles on everyone. As guests and stars enjoyed their delicious feast, they learned all sorts of tidbits from the affable and talented stars. Mike Passell is about to become a grandfather (congratulations, Mike!); Tobi Sokolow didn’t begin playing tournament bridge until the ripe old age of over 30.

Many of us are only able to admire the skills of these talented players for a board or two at the bridge table. “Breakfast with the Stars” is a fabulous opportunity to learn bridge tips, hear bridge tales and simply get to know more about these elite players.

Mega-thanks to that vibrant and amazing star who makes it all happen: Rose Meltzer!