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Retirement? What's that?

Submitted by Eve Taylor

Pat and Tom Peterson retired and moved to Florida in the mid-nineties. The area they chose — Hernando FL in Citrus County, 25 miles southwest of Ocala — was a nice area, but had one drawback: The bridge games were limited. Pat set out to do something about that.

Since then, Pat has taught more than 600 students at various levels — from beginners to Silver Life Masters. Seventeen of her students have become Life Masters. She is responsible for hundreds joining the ACBL.

Citrus Bridge, her club name, has three regular games each week. There is also a game for players with less than 20 masterpoints and another for 0–50. Before the 0–20 game, Pat gives a one-half hour lesson.

Pat, a Gold Life Master, chairs a Fall Sectional Tournament in Crystal River FL and a 299er Sectional in February. Until she arrived, there were no tournaments of any kind in our area.

When asked what happened to that retirement thing, Pat explains why she stays so busy: “It's about passing on something that you love.”