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ACBL Election News

Three new faces will join six returning members on the ACBL Board of Directors beginning in January. The new members are Bob Heller, Suzi Subeck and Claire Jones.

Heller of the Atlanta area defeated incumbent Bruce Reeve to become the new District 7 director. Subeck of the Chicago area ran unopposed for the District 13 position, succeeding outgoing director Harriette Buckman. In District 18, Jones of Regina SK defeated Ian Martindale of Boise ID to fill the district director position opened by the retirement of Richard Anderson.

The six returning incumbents are George Retek of Montreal QC for District 1, Sharon Fairchild of the Cleveland area for District 5, Phyllis Harlan of Oklahoma City OK for District 15, Don Mamula of Mill Creek WA (near Seattle) for District 19, Rand Pinsky of the Los Angeles area for District 23, and Richard DeMartino of Riverside CT (near Greenwich) for District 25. DeMartino will be ACBL president in 2010.

All of the incumbents ran unopposed except for Mamula who held off a challenge by former District 19 Director Barbara Nist.

Eight other districts also elected first and second alternates to the Board of Directors: Flo Belford (1st) and Morrie Kleinplatz (2nd) for District 2; Glenda Calkins (1st) and Gerald Goodman (2nd) for District 3; Richard Popper (1st) and Raymond Raskin (2nd) for District 4; Tom Oppenheimer (1st) and Bob Carteaux (2nd) for District 8; Steve Gaynor (1st) and W.G. Gus Doty (2nd) for District 14; Chris Compton (1st) and Al Lochli (2nd) for District 16; Marion Robertson (1st) and Pat Thomas (2nd) for District 21; and Teri Atkinson (1st) for District 22.

The terms for these directors and alternates are three years and run from Jan. 1, 2010, through Dec. 31, 2012.