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Attending First NABC was a Winning Experience!

Gary and Sally Mallett started playing bridge together in 1983, but had to give it up from 1990 until 2006 due to demanding job requirements. After retiring they have once again been able to enjoy their favorite pastime—duplicate bridge.

Since they lived only five hours away by car from Washington DC, the couple decided to attend their first NABC event. Sally was just there for the experience. Gary, however, needed only six more points of any color to reach his 300 mark and make Life Master. Much to Sally’s surprise, their team won the Monday-Tuesday knockouts. Two days later the team again won the Wednesday-Thursday knockouts, putting Sally over the 300 mark and earning her life master status as well. Their teammates, Tom Danford and Brett Orban, were thrilled to be a part of the duo’s achievement, having planned all along to help put the pair over the 300 mark.