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Bob L's Excellent Adventure

The ACBL is pleased to announce the addition of a traveling reporter to our staff. The mysterious "Bob L," featured on the cover of the July Bridge Bulletin, will make his return to the game of bridge at the Summer NABC in Washington. After making his debut in DC, Bob will begin a four-month journey across the country as he makes his way to the Fall NABC in San Diego. He will record his travel adventures in his blog.

Bob L. left the game of bridge many years ago, having become befuddled with new conventions and bell-bottomed players at the table. However, he recently rediscovered his love of bridge, and is even coming to grips with modern innovations such as playing online. He's ready to do whatever he can to promote his favorite pastime.

As Bob travels from Washington to San Diego, he'll stop in bridge clubs along the way. He will write about the clubs he visits on his blog, and he's even learned to use a modern digital camera to record his experiences. "Expect lots of photos on my blog," he told us as he packed for Washington. Click here to view his blog to keep up with his adventures. You never know... Bob may pop up at your club sometime soon.