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Names of the Game

Some people are born for bridge, literally: 47 of our members are named Bridge. Others claim pips as their surnames. There are two Clubbs, 61 Diamonds, 101 Harts but no Heart and only one Spade. Two members are named Trump (no Donald).

We wonder if Phil Hook of Atlanta wins more than his share of finesses. He joins 10 other ACBL Hooks.

Our 13 Ruffs must derive personal pleasure when their deuce of trump wins a trick, especially if the contract has been played by one of our four Tricks.

Do our 18 Hands get more than their share of points? Or the seven Cards?

Then there is Edward Bottom of Covington LA. His namesake can't be too much of a burden: He's a Silver Life Master. He should pair up with Gretchen Topp of Covina CA.

A few members' names are sure to bring a smile at the table. Just ask Alice Fillingame of Midway GA or Stuart Goodgold of San Jose CA.

Do you have a bridge name to add? Send suggestions to Marketing.