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Contract Bridge for $2000, Alex

"The dummy's partner has this opposite name implying that he or she does talk." No one even tried for the $2000 Double Jeopardy question on the June 10 show. The Contract Bridge category on Double Jeopardy included these answers:

$400: Bidding for tricks goes around the table until 3 players in a row do this after a bid.

$800: A final bid that doesn't include a wild card would be, for example, "four no" this.

$1200: An opponent who thinks you can't make your bid may double; if you think you can, do this to your efforts in return.

$1600: The two main types of bridge are duplicate and the one named for this, awarded to the first team to win two games.

The first three were answered without hesitation. The only contestant to try for $1600 asked, "What is partner bridge?"

We won't insult our members by providing the questions.