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New Job & New Love

Vicki Campbell

Those in attendance early at the Boston NABC may have seen an attractive petite blonde lady dashing from the Bulletin Office to meetings. That lady would be the ACBL’s newly hired Marketing Director, Vicki Campbell.

Although Vicki came from a marketing background in gaming, she did not know how to play bridge. So, like any wise professional, Vicki judged that she should become familiar with the game she now was promoting. Vicki knew that learning bridge would help her in her work. What she did not realize, however, is that she would fall in love!

"Bridge is not really ’just’ a game. It’s part of Americana and American history. Bridge is a big part of people’s lives. It is not simply ’another product’ to publicize."

In her quest to learn, Vicki has joined the ranks of those who seek to earn masterpoints and improve their game. "My goal was to earn a full masterpoint in Boston. I didn’t realize it at the time, but when I got .19 red points in Boston, my total went over 1.15 points!" Like hundreds of thousands who have come before her, you can hear the excitement and pride in Vicki"s voice. She now has over a full masterpoint! (And yes, like any other new bridge fanatic, Vicki has already added to that total since Boston.)

In addition to her own personal bridge goals, Vicki has many others for the game. She wants as many people as possible to be exposed to bridge and take up the game. "The benefits of bridge are so numerous: enhancing the performance of students in school, keeping the minds of all sharp, and a coming together of people from all cultures, backgrounds, nations and the like to compete at the bridge table."

Vicki will give her all to develop new and superior programs for us, and to help make our game even more fun than it is today. With Vicki’s knowledgeable background and zeal for her newly discovered hobby, what she delivers should be awesome!