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Bridge - Fuel for the Muse

Neal Rechtman

Passion for bridge & people fuel it in a myriad of ways. Local games and tournaments are two outlets for player Neal Rechtman’s fervor. Yet Neal has gone beyond playing: he’s written a book.

"The 28th Amendment" is more of a thriller/political novel than a bridge book. Nevertheless, Neal’s book is laced with tales about bridge players, some hands and intrigue - along with an ever-present singleton king of spades. If your curiosity is heightened, visit Neal’s website to learn a bit more:

Neal began his bridge career in high school and college. After a vacation from the game he returned again about 15 years ago. What is Neal’s wish? "That I could play more bridge," he tells me.

Neal is here in Boston right now, practicing his passion. We understand; most of us want to play more, too!