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Young Love

Another report from Peggy Kaplan at the Spring NABC in Houston Texas:

Following the Sunday, March 14th, afternoon session, several players attended a seminar about love – love of the game of bridge. These folks are volunteers who wish to become more knowledgeable about teaching young people to become bridge players. Patty Tucker, ACBL Youth Bridge Coordinator, welcomed bridge teachers from around the country. Among the many people I met were:

Elise Parish, of Omaha, NE. Elise informs us that 233 kids are already enrolled in Omaha’s "Bridge in School" program. Elise is looking forward to educating budding bridge players to the joys of tournaments, and to capturing even more kids in the Midwest!

From Carlinville, IL, about forty miles south of Springfield, husband and wife Chris and Mary Beth Shaw arrived, excited about the program. Already, Chris and Mary Beth are involved with a local "Youth Bridge Camp." This summer, camp is scheduled from June 28th to July 3rd.

Reba Jernigan of Chattanooga, TN has long been a bridge teacher. But Reba is intrigued by the notion of turning young folks on to our game. She appreciates that a wave of youth would do wonders for the growth of bridge. "I’d like to talk to our superintendent of schools in Chattanooga," she explains. "Teaching bridge in our schools would be great."

Moving on to the east and south, we find Gloria Silverman Bart of Florida. Earlier in her career, Gloria taught elementary school, then adult trainers. Gloria has been a bridge teacher in Washington, D.C., Toronto and Florida. Yet, Gloria is also intrigued about youth education. For three years, Gloria has been teaching Florida kids about our game. She looks forward to gaining more tips about how to better serve kids at the beginning of their bridge careers.

Some of the most famous names in bridge learned our game in their teens. Look for more on how “young love” of bridge can transform people into world champions! In the meantime – mega-thanks to Patty and her aspiring force of youth instructors!