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The Wormwood 4 No Trump Convention

(Blackwood's letter to Bridge World was addressed to Ely Culbertson)

Dear Mr. Culbertson:

Should you see fit to accept the enclosed manuscript for publication, please use the nom de plume of Ernest Wormwood and do not reveal the name of the writer.

Since I suggested this bidding about a year ago, it has been adopted by a number of Indianapolis players, among them Messrs. Rollie Buck, Larry Welch, Joe Cain, Edson Wood and others. At the recent tournament in Cincinnati they were using this bid and explaining it to their opponents. Mr. Buck informed me upon his return that Mr. Johnny Rau of New York asked for a detailed explanation of this convention and became enthusiastic about it, going so far as to state to Mr. Buck "this convention will sweep the country within six months."

I happen to know that certain authors of other systems have refused to incorporate your 4 No Trump convention in their systems, and I think it possible that they have refused to do it because the convention was originated from your studios. The thought struck me that these writers might be interested in having a 4 No Trump convention of their own. You are better acquainted with the connections which Mr. Rau may have with authors of other systems than I am, and you doubtless have a pretty good idea as to how probable it might be that some other writer would use this convention in his next book.

Mr. Buck gave credit for this bid to its real author but there might be others that would not do so. I thought possibly an article in the Bridge World crediting this convention to Ernest Wormwood would forestall the use of this convention by anyone other than its real author who happens to be myself. I would, of course, be very grateful, should you care to accept it for publication in an early issue of "The Bridge World," regardless of your opinion as it its merits.

Please consider this letter as of a confidential nature and do not reveal to anyone either the contents or its author.

Yours truly,

E. R. Blackwood