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Kasle, Meltzer in Senior Trials Final

Teams captained by Gaylor Kasle and Rose Meltzer were battling for the top U.S. spot in the Senior Bowl at the World Bridge Championships in Shanghai, China, later this year. The event is the U.S. Senior Bridge Championship, being played in North Bethesda MD. At the halfway point of their 60-board final match, Kasle was ahead 95-59.

Kasle's teammates are Russ Arnold, Dan Gerstman, John Sutherlin, Dan Morse and Bobby Wolff. Meltzer is playing with Grant Baze, Alan Sontag, Roger Bates, Lew Stansby and Bart Bramley.

While the fight for the No. 1 spot was in progress, four teams were vying for the right to play against the Kasle-Meltzer loser for the second spot in the Senior Bowl from the U.S. The four teams, by captain, are Farid Assemi, David Abelow, Reese Milner and Carolyn Lynch. The USSBC concludes this weekend.