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Memphis Calling12/15/2011
Horn Lake, Memphis, the ACBL Headquarters staff and even the ghost of Elvis are calling to invite you to the Spring, 2012 NABC.  To be held in the heart of downtown Memphis (a suburb of Metro Horn Lake) this will be a great NABC.  Plus ACBL is going to be celebrating its 75th anniversary and you are invited!  Watch this space for more after the first of the year.  Happy Holidays from the other S.C, and all the ACBL staff. 

Toronto revisited, Seattle previewed8/31/2011

Toronto was a great city for an NABC.  If the exchange rate were more favorable to US players and if the city would encourage Marriott or somebody to build a really big hotel with 2000 rooms and lots of first class playing space, Toronto would be a really, really great place for an NABC.  The Insider loved to underground with the 243 places to get food.  The Insider was happy to see the shuttles running back and forth between the two hotels.  The Insider enjoyed the various restaurants and bars on York and Front.  Toronto was a great NABC once you accepted the logistical issues that a foreign city without a single venue large enough to host an NABC posed.  The ACBL is looking at returning in the next 6 to 10 years but has requested the previously mentioned mega-hotel be built first.  The Toronto authorities agree they would like on too but nothing is on the drawing board.

This fall, the ACBL will pack its wagons and head to Seattle.  All the bridge will be played at the Washington State Convention Center.  There will be shuttle busses from all the hotels not run by Sheraton to the Center - the Sheraton is next door to the Center, so no bus needed from there.  The other suggested hotels are within walking distance but the shuttles will be there if the weather gets especially wet or you just don't feel like walking.  The Center is a great facility.  Each of the hotels are very nice although each is different - check the web sites before you decide where to stay.

The Fish Market is worth the trip even if you don't want any fresh fish.  The Space Needle is an iconic symbol of the city.  There is a lot to do nearby.  The local team promises great things to treat the players.  The facilities are top notch.  It may rain, so bring your umbrella from Washington D.C. or Toronto.  Make your reservations now for what is shaping up to be another great NABC, this time in the Pacific Northwest.  See you there.

Canada, Oh4/15/2011

The Insider has started looking toward the Summer NABC in Toronto coming up in July.  While there isn't a lot to say that you don't already know, here are a few things to keep in mind:

If you are traveling to Canada, be sure you have the proper travel documents to get in and back out of the country.  With some exceptions, a current passport is required for boarder crossing. 

If you intend to use your cell phone or a data plan for your smart phone, lap top or tablet, contact your provider to investigate international roaming charges.  The Insider found that 2 hours using his Sprint card on the netbook in Canada cost $98, this would have been free if he had been sitting in the Metro Horn Lake area!  Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and most other providers can make you a short time deal to minimize the pain when the bill arrives in August.

NABC+ and Flight A events will be played at the Royal York.  Other events, including morning KOS, I/N games, the Youth NABC and regionally rated events will be played at the Sheraton.

The two hotels are connected below ground through the amazing underground Toronto endless shopping complex and pedestrian pathway. (The Insider's term, not the official name.)  So, if you walk outside bring Starbucks' bucks and if you walk inside just bring bucks.

By the way, Toronto is in Canada.  They use Canadian money in Canada.  The follow Canadian accessibility rules in Canada.  They have Canadian laws in Canada.  They even speak Canadian in Canada.  The Canadian language is very similar to the US language but there are some differences.  There will be a primer in the Daily Bulletin Insider articles during the NABC.

Make your plans now to attend what is shaping up to be another great NABC!  Watch this space for more important tips.