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Arizona Classic Jeep Tours

Guided by a cowboy or a cowgirl, Classic Jeep Tours deliver the best off road and on road tours in the southwest. They will show you the Upper Sonoran Desert Ego System which is a great distance from civilization. Got a great trail you want to check out? They will work with you if you desire to create your own tour. You won’t have any trouble getting around in a 4X4 vehicle built to take on the desert elements. You will have the chance to see Granite Mountain, Verde Valley, and the Four Peaks Wilderness, the Superstition Mountains and more! Private tours are available. The tours begin at 7 in the morning and end around noon.
The going rates are $100 per adult and $60 per child.
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Arizona Horseback Riding

Want to tour around Phoenix like a real cowboy or cowgirl? Take an adventurous tour on the back of horse throughout the outskirts of Phoenix. The tours last from 1 hour to a full day depending on what you desire. The guided tours explore Native American Ruins, Petroglyphs, Seven Springs, and Crested Headed Saguaro. The tour is best to begin early in the cool morning air with an experienced tour guided that will help you mount one of the 50 bautiful, gentle horses. The prices for these tours range from $20.00 – $198.00 depending on how long you would like to go and what time of the day your prefer. Click here to view how they break things down and schedule your tour today!

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Explore Phoenix in hot air balloon ride across the desert. This ride has been the favorite of many visitors and for the Native Americans as well. They can meet you for pick up at their launch site or at your resort. You are traveling at five or six miles per hour, yet there is not sensation of motion because you flying with the wind.
In the beginning, you go through a “pre-flight briefing” that includes facts about the ride you are about to partake in the make the ride more enjoyable.
Then, the flight starts of with the inflation of the giant balloon. It takes around 30 minutes to blow the balloon up. Once the balloon is filled, you're set for take off.
Visit their website for more information. Click here.

Pink Jeep Tours

Sedona, Arizona is one of the most scenic places on Earth. Journey though the southwest like you never imagined. The infamous 4 X 4 pink jeep will take you to new heights and broaden your outlook. The most popular tour, Broken Arrow Tour, is traveling off-road in the outback of Sedona. They will take you to the magnificent Grand Canyon south rim and to the Skywalk on the west rim. They will also take you to the Hoover Dam, which is not far from Las Vegas. For the history lovers, tour guides will lead you to discover the past of the native people and what they left behind. The diamondback gulch tour will lead to the beautiful rock formations such as Lizard Head, Chimney Rock, and Doe Mesa. Pink Jeep Tours even offer horseback riding tours. It is a 5 hour combination with Jeeps and Horseback tour of rocky red cliffs.
For more information call (800) 873-3662 or Click Here.

Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon Custom Tour for Bridge Players

Across Arizona Tours is offering an incredible one-day tour for Fall NABC Bridge Tournament. Nothing is more exciting in Bridge than an "NABC" . . . and the Southwest is a great place to visit in December! Your December 9 one-day tour of Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon includes lunch in Sedona, dramatic sightseeing among the Red Rocks, a jeep tour in Sedona, optional shopping and convenient pick up from and return to the Sheraton Downtown Phoenix Hotel on a luxury bus reserved for tournament attendees and guests exclusively. For more information, please call toll free 888-533-1813 or local Phoenix 602-233-1813 or Click Here.
They are also available by email