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Tournament Schedule

Please View the Philadelphia NABC Schedule (PDF)

All events will be played at the Philadelphia Marriott and the Pennsylvania Convention Center

Entry Fees (per person/per session)

ACBL Members** Others
All North American Bridge Championships with no upper masterpoint limitation* $20.00 Not Eligible
Other North American Championships $17.00 Not Eligible
Regional Events $16.00 $18.00
All Other Events $15.00 $17.00
*$1.50 per person to benefit the International Fund
** Members whose payment of dues is current and Life Masters whose service fee payment is current

BOLD, UPPER CASE - NABC+ events, (Platinum Points; no upper masterpoint limit)

UPPER CASE - NABC events (Gold and Red points; upper masterpoint limits)

Upper and Lower Case in green - Regional Events

Upper and Lower Case in red -- All other events (single session)

Upper and Lower Case in blue Gold Rush Pairs (gold points for 0-750)