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NABC Highlights

Memphis NABC - Spring 2012

Memphis NABC Photos

Click here to view a gallery of Memphis photos by roaming reporter Peggy Kaplan.

The Next Generation – We are Listening!

One challenge for bridge has been introducing our game to young people. With a myriad of activities available to youth today, bridge is no longer a “must learn” activity, as it was for so many in earlier times. Read more/View photos...

Fun for All

Many ACBL Members are “up there” in age. Long after our joints and muscles are able to handle competitive sports, our brains can still excel at mind games. Yet, at the other end of the age spectrum, bridge is the “greatest game,” too. This truth was assuredly in evidence Wednesday morning at the Rook Card Games in Memphis. Read more/View photos...

Highlight on ACBL Headquarters

One of the special treats in having our Spring NABC in Memphis is the opportunity to have more of our ACBL employees mingle with our players! Every day, different people from Horn Lake headquarters are heading over to the tournament. We’re so glad they are here – and – we’ll be introducing you to some of them! Read more/View photos...

Golden Gifts

Michael Golden’s first brush with bridge began with kibitzing. His dad, Ike, played in a rubber bridge game with Michael’s older cousin Marvin Kurtz and uncles. As he watched them play, 8 year old Michael wished he could be part of the action. Read more/View photos...

Teacher Treats

Bridge teachers. They take those who think “bridge” is something you use to get from here to there – and teach them the mysteries of bidding and playing. They take neophytes and turn them into strong competitors. Without them - we wouldn’t be here! Read more/View photos...

Bridge - The Serious Game

Bridge at the top. The room is hushed. Conversation is rare; when it occurs, tones are muted. Energy is conserved for intense competition. Every once in a while, however – the rules fly out the window! Here are Jill Meyers and Janice Seamon-Molson, at the table in their new partnership. Read more/View photos...

A New Winner

Winning your first NABC title is an enormous thrill. Here is Jordan Cohen, the morning after capturing the Flight A North American Pairs with partner Barry Senensky.

Jordan Cohen

75 Years

Bridge players love to compete. And bridge players love to party. Friday night, at the ACBL’s 75th Anniversary Party, ACBL Members demonstrated their high ability to do both! Read more/View photos...

Ruffing on the River

Thursday, the first full day of bridge in Memphis began with a bang. Heralding the 75th anniversary of the ACBL, new ACBL winners were crowned. Jordan Cohen and Barry Senesky just eked out enough matchpoints to qualify for Day Two of the Flight A North American Pairs. It was kismet. Day Two they had their Big Game, beating out second place Bill & Rozanne Pollack by less than a board. Read more/View photos...

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