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NABC Highlights

Washington NABC - Summer 2009

Who We Are

The 2009 Washington DC NABC highlighted young people. With our second ever Youth NABC, a fabulous turnout, exciting competition and uber-celebrities like bridge playing astronaut Greg Johnson and Microsoft giant Bill Gates, our kids were key.

Be sure, however; loads of grown-ups were in DC, too! We were competing, directing, caddying, kibitzing, instructing, socializing and celebrating. ACBL's North American Bridge Championships attract players from across North America and around the world. From newcomers to elite stars, bridge players of every sort came to the 2009 Summer NABC to enjoy the best of bridge and one another. Read more...

Minnesota Miracle

By: Peggy Kaplan

Minnesota is known for 10,000+ lakes, frosty winters and the largest mall in America. But elite bridge players?

Our state seems to be the state from which bridge stars originate. Eddie Kantar. Russ Arnold. Howie Weinstein and Steve Garner and Joe Grue. Champions all; and champions from Minnesota. Read more...

The Future of Bridge

By: Peggy Kaplan

Bridge stars or neophytes. Men or women. Seniors or juniors. Club players or tournament attendees. Some argue about which subsets of bridge players matter more than others. Personally, I think that all are important. Fortunately, our bridge world is diverse and large. Irrespective of the experience level and needs of our players, everyone who loves bridge can be accommodated. Read more...

Attending First NABC was a Winning Experience!

Gary and Sally Mallett started playing bridge together in 1983, but had to give it up from 1990 until 2006 due to demanding job requirements. After retiring they have once again been able to enjoy their favorite pastime—duplicate bridge. Read more...

Bill Gates Encourages Young People to Play Bridge

Bill Gates, bridge player, ACBL member and the chairman and co-founder of Microsoft, was in Washington for the NABC. While there, he stopped by the Youth NABC, where he recorded a video in which he talked about his love for the game of bridge.

Astronaut Greg Johnson, Software Guru Bill Gates Make Appearances at 2009 Youth NABC

The excitement at the Washington NABC has been incredible. So much to report - but - for the moment, the focus is on Youth Bridge. Read More...

2009 Hall of Fame Banquet
By: Peggy Kaplan

My personal love affair with tournament bridge began in the southwest. There, I met a fellow early in his own journey with this incredible game. Lean and lanky with a distinctive drawl, this young man already seemed destined for greatness. Hand after hand, he outbid and outplayed the opponents, his long fingers scooping up far more tricks than most could ever capture. Even in the beginning, Mark Lair had creativity, daring, table feel and flair. Thirty years later, that talent and determination found Mark inducted into the 2009 Hall of Fame. Read More...

Junior Winners!

USA2: Zach Brescoll, Owen Lien, Dan Goldfein, Sam Katz, Kevin Dwyer and Matt Meckstroth. Congratulations!

Photos of Junior Team Trials - 2009 Summer NABC

"Ask Me"

No NABC would be complete without the ACBL's "Ask Me Girl". Here she is doing what she does best - offering assistance, answering questions, directing lost NABC attendees - and always with a friendly smile.

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