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NABC Highlights

Toronto NABC - Summer 2011

The Best of Bridge

Criss-cross squeezes. Knock-out matches decided by one IMP. New national champs; new players attending their first NABC. Fascinating, thrilling and deserving of cheers. Read more/View photos...

Kristensen, Snowden Are Big Winners at Youth NABC

Ben Kristensen and Burke Snowden won big at the 2011 Youth NABC, winning the National Youth Open Pairs, and with two teammates the National Youth Open Swiss as well. Click here to read more on Youth4Bridge.

Youth4Bridge: Mystery Bridge Hand Sweepstakes Winner

Congratulations to Jason Miller of Tampa FL who is the winner of the American Contract Bridge League’s “Mystery Bridge Hand Sweepstakes” random drawing. Click here to read more on Youth4Bridge.

Bob's Senior Moment

Bob Hamman won his first NABC title – the Reisinger – in 1962. Since then, Bob has collected a frighteningly large number of NABC titles. (And let’s not even address all the world championships.) So, when I am looking for someone to kibitz, Bob is more often than not a likely suspect. Read more...

Bob Hamman

Out of this World

Kids at the 2011 Youth NABC were treated to a talk by astronaut and ACBL Life Master Greg Johnson, writes ACBL roaming reporter Peggy Kaplan. Click here to read more on Youth4Bridge.

IN Play and Reception

Saturday, July 23rd was an exciting date for those of us cheering on the growth of our game. In addition to the throngs of juniors who showed up for their reception, we had a bountiful crop of Intermediate/Newcomer players, too. Read more/View photos...

Bridge to the Future

Concerned about future bridge generations? Then you should have been at the Junior Reception on Saturday, July 23rd. A good crowd of juniors of all ages showed up – and more kept on coming! They were treated to a Mexican feast of goodies. As they munched on their snacks, they shared stories of conquest and defeat. Read more/View photos...

Intimate Breakfast with the Stars

by Peggy Kaplan

If you could have breakfast with but two bridge stars, who might they be? Perhaps one would be the player ranked #1 in the world longer than any other, with NABC titles stretching back from 1962 – and so many national and international wins that they are tough to count: Bob Hamman. The other might also be a world champion, tireless worker and generous benefactress to the game: Rose Meltzer. Read more/View photos...

In the Beginning

by Peggy Kaplan

The Bermuda Bowl. The Olympiad. The Vanderbilt, Spingold and Reisinger. Does anything thrill the heart of a bridge player more than watching the elite do battle in these epic competitions? No – other than winning an event themselves!

Yet, even the best of the best had to learn bridge somewhere. Read more...

Hall of Fame 2011

by Peggy Kaplan

Amidst the glittering field of players and bridge contributors, three prestigious awards were given. The Blackwood Award was bestowed upon Eric Kokish. Prolific writer, editor and successful competitor, Eric’s bridge career has culminated with becoming the world’s top bridge coach. Eric’s award was presented to him by fellow Canadian star Sami Kehela and by Nick Nickell, head of the most dominant team in the U.S. for the past twenty years. Read more...

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