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NABC Highlights

San Diego NABC - Fall 2009

Seriously Fun!

by Peggy Kaplan

Large smiles - and sober countenances. If I capture a player while contemplating his defense, the latter is likely. A break in the action usually breaks out a smile. Read more/View photos...

Remembrance of San Diego

by Peggy Kaplan

Most of America currently is captured by a deep freeze that makes a meat locker feel toasty. Ah - to be back in the warm glow of San Diego's NABC! Read more/View photo galleries...

Waiting for the Reisinger

by Peggy Kaplan

Is there a challenge tougher than the Reisinger Board A Match? Literally every trick can be the difference between victory and defeat.

The best in the bridge world prepare for the final session of this grueling event at the San Diego NABC.

Bridge Base Online Seminar in San Diego

by Peggy Kaplan

In the Jurassic Period, when some of us began to play duplicate, we had two choices: local dupe or an ACBL tournament. Tournaments were rare creatures back then, so passionate followers lived and breathed bridge at their clubs. Then, a few inventive software geniuses created bridge on the Internet. Suddenly, bridge lovers around the world could play their favorite game with computer and a few clicks of the mouse. Read more...

The Devil’s Tickets

by Peggy Kaplan

Has partner ever irritated you to no end? If you’ve played bridge for longer than twenty minutes, then the answer surely is “yes.” Indeed – most of us have had moments when we wished we could shoot partner dead.

In 1929, Myrtle Bennett did just that. After a few choice words from her about husband Jack Bennett’s declarer play, Jack slapped Myrtle. Soon thereafter, Myrtle shot Jack dead. Read more...

George's World

by Peggy Kaplan

As their ACBL Bulletin arrives each month, many readers eagerly turn first to George Jacob’s column, “George’s World.” For those who think that bridge is dry and without humor – you must read George.

At the table? Even better!

Rose Meltzer’s Breakfast with the Stars

by Peggy Kaplan

Rose Meltzer’s exploits at the bridge table are legend. Her record in both national and international competition shines brightly. Just as impressive, however, are Rose’s contributions to the game itself.

One of the many ways in which Rose gives to bridge is through her “Breakfast with the Stars.” In San Diego, Tuesday morning (Dec 1) saw a glittering array of elite players dining with eager participants. Read more/View photos...


by Peggy Kaplan

Shawn Quinn, winner of the Life Master Women's Pairs, already had departed to meet her public in the bar. In the playing quarters, however, partner Sue Picus beams as Danny Sprung delivers a congratulatory hug.

Winning. There's nothing like it!


by Peggy Kaplan

San Diego is known for its perfect weather. At the 2009 Fall NABC, it does not disappoint. The kick-off day for the tournament found players strolling along the ocean, shopping in boutiques near the playing site, admiring exotic birds along the bay – and, of course – enjoying our favorite pastime! Read more/View photos...

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